First thing I see when I get on the plane:


I arrive! That was the fastest 6 hour flight I’ve ever taken. I slept most of the time and before half of Catch Me If You Can was over we were touching down. I think I was supposed to close my laptop before landing but I wasn’t paying attention.

My first stop on my trip is Honolulu, Hawaii. My grandparents Fred and Barbara have a condo in the center of the sprawling 900,000 person city and graciously provided their lanai for me to stay for 4 days.

Grandpa Fred was there to meet me at baggage claim, at the ready as always:

The first thing to do in a new place is get a meal and a drink, so Barbara drove us to a nice place near the airport called the Marina. Gimme that maitai.

I was pretty tired for most of the rest of the day and hung around at home. I took a couple pictures around the place and told Grandpa Fred to make a face for the picture. I was not expecting the look he went with.

Since my birthday was just two days earlier and Barbara loves special occasions, we had a nice dinner and a birthday cake for yours truly. Let me introduce my grandparents’ houseguests from Jakarta, Henny, Darlan and Caroline:

I tried to stay up past 10 to adjust my sleeping schedule but I didn’t quite make it.

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