The last couple of days I’ve been dodging storms and spending time with my grandparents. When they’re out doing errands or lying down I have some time to myself to see some of the city and get some sun. The first thing I tried to do was climb to the top of Diamondhead. It’s a great hike to do and gives an awesome view of downtown Honolulu. It looks like this:

And that would’ve been great to do, except that it’s closed in the afternoons and I didn’t know that until I showed up. I walked around the entrance and took some shots of the boring side of the mountain.

I also drove around and found a nice lookout spot and snapped some more pictures.

Since that hike didn’t work out, I found a better one! After driving around Honolulu and getting lost for about a half hour I found Manoa Road and took it to the end to Manoa Park. The drive goes up a hill through a nice neighborhood, then into the trees, and all of a sudden you’re in a rainforest.

The hike to Manoa Falls is pretty awesome.

The falls look about like any other waterfall.

The next day Barbara lent me the car to drive to Kailua Beach in an attempt to escape the rain. After getting lost for only about 45 minutes I found Kailua Park and parked in the lot. It was raining pretty hard so I sat in the passenger’s seat for a while to write in my travel journal. After over an hour of peaceful writing during an angry thunder storm, I looked out the window and decided to drive back before the lot got too flooded to let me leave.

I made it back in time to go with the house to the international night potluck at the church. Over a hundred people brought dishes from different parts of the world. I mostly stuck to the Asian table. Henny’s spicy peanut sauce was magical.

After the food there were cultural performances by members of the church. The best one was a piece by an old Chinese lady on a Chinese butterfly piano.

This morning I was treated to a culinary delight: two pancake breakfastses. The first was in the living room. After breakfast I hitched a ride downtown and walked through Waikiki. Thankfully, on my last day here the weather was fantastic. There are a lot of beautiful giant buildings downtown, and from what I understand they’re all condos. The newer ones glitter in the sun and always seem to catch my eye.

I’m also a fan of the flora in the parks in Waikiki. Some trees have weights.

For the second breakfast I met up with awesome person and couchsurfer Charmaine. We agreed to meet at the corner of Kalakaua and Ala Moana and walk to the Wailana Coffee House for all-you-can-eat pancakes. I had three. They were bigger than I expected. It was still a really good deal.

After eating we walked to the beach where I proceeded to get throroughly sunburned. Charmaine is a Malaysian national and has spent a lot of time working and traveling in southeast Asia. She also spent three months backpacking alone through eastern Europe. Talking to her was a very enlightening experience and gave me a lot of ideas and insight on how to travel. Definitely a great resource for couchsurfing and backpacking knowledge and a scintillating conversationalist to boot!

Charmaine took a shot of me on the beach with Diamondhead in the background:

And now the pièce de résistance of my Waikiki adventure: one badass mullet.

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