This post isn’t about traveling or about preparing for traveling, but it’s my website and I can post what I want. So here’s a post about something I did this weekend: some friends and I visited Sutro Baths in the Outer Richmond district of San Francisco. (San Francisco is a world destination anyway, so I’ll just say I’m starting my world tour here.)

The bathhouse was originally built in 1896 by former San Francisco mayor Adolf Sutro and for several years was the world’s largest indoor swimming pool establishment.

It used to look like this:

It burned down in 1966 and remains as a historic ruin. It’s pretty cool and I recommend a visit.

We all wandered around for a while. Kris and I climbed up part of the foundation.

There was a stream of water dripping down the rocks that left an aesthetically pleasing trail/patch of moss that I found shareworthy:

We stayed long enough to see the sunset over Seal Rock. The fog rolled by during sunset, and as it withdrew from view it made the sun actually appear to rise instead of set; but alas, the effect was uncaptureable by my Droid camera. Here it is anyway:

Stay tuned for possibly another California adventure before I leave!

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