Over the last couple months I’ve gotten as much face time with San Francisco as I could, and it’s been a pretty awesome experience. I’ve never spent so much time in the city before; I used to just go to shows or walk around the Haight and Golden Gate park, but lately I’ve been to almost every district and walked around a ton and gone to events and parties and broadened my understanding of the city and the San Franciscan mindset. This place is really liberal and I like it.

Some of my favorite experiences have been walking through parks in the Sunset and Haight-Ashbury, going to techno dance parties in the Mission, walking and driving through downtown, spending time with friends everywhere… what a cool place. When I get back I’m definitely moving in somewhere.

Anyway, on my last day I drove to Montara (just north of Half Moon Bay) and went on a grueling 7+ mile hike up Pacifica Mountain with my buddy Sean. Super hard. Out of shape.

At some point we encountered a neat bicycle gear creation stuck in the dirt with Montara in the crosshairs:

After rounding the bend we looked at the hillside and realized it might be a marker to point out the rusty car directly below it. I wonder when it crashed.

The top of the ridge gave us breathtaking views. One way looked over Montara, Half Moon Bay and rolling hills; the other way looked out over Pacifica and gave a very clear view of the west side of SF, including Sunset, Sutro Heights, the Golden Gate Bridge and more.

Sean’s hiking shoes were totally worn down so that he had almost no traction going downhill. He had to run (frolic) down the hillside to avoid slipping.

As we were walking down the end of the path, from four different directions dog walkers emerged with a LOT of dogs. They converged at the same time in the middle of the path, no leashes, total chaos. There are only about 8 in this picture because four or five immediately chased each other into the bushes and up the road.

I caught a glimpse of my final California sunset on the drive home, and having a penchant for nostalgia I pulled over to capture the moment. I’m trying to resist hearing the cheesy theme song to “The OC” in my head; not something a little Deadmau5 can’t cure.