The following is a rough itinerary for my trip. Many places are not highlighted on the map for the sake of simplicity. You can follow along with the exact itinerary in the blog section.

Area 1: South Pacific

Starting February 9, I’ll spend 4 days in Honolulu visiting family and 4 days relaxing in Fiji before a 10 day bus trip down New Zealand and another ten days split between Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef. I’m meeting Kristof in Singapore March 9.

Area 2: Southeast Asia

March 9 – April 20 will take us from Singapore to Bangkok, a couple weeks trekking down Laos, a visit to Angkor in Cambodia, and then back to Bangkok to fly to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Area 3: India

A week in Sri Lanka will give us another 5 weeks to see as much of India as we can. A week or two in Tamil Nadu and then 3 weeks to see Goa, Agra, Varanasi and Kashmir before flying out of Delhi on June 1 will be fast-paced but exciting.

Egyptian Vacation

We’ll spend a week in Egypt to see pyramids, other Ancient Egyptian relics and ruins and visit the late library at Alexandria.

Update: Looks like this might not happen due to the current situation, especially considering I don’t have an entry visa yet and I kind of doubt the US government will give me one any time soon. I’ll post an update when I figure out for sure whether or not I will make it.

Area 4: Central Europe

Kristof and I will see Turkey for a week before he leaves New York. I’ll then have another 6 weeks to visit family friends in Bulgaria and Croatia, see the “pillars of Central Europe” Budapest/Vienna/Prague, and set up camp in Berlin until late July when I’ll fly to NYC and Washington, DC before coming home in early August.